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   Hailing from Thomasville, Alabama, Trey Rowell delivers a unique and powerful voice along with exceptional songwriting skills. His talents have been showcased at venues all across the South. 


His credits include:

  •  2016 Worldwide Muscle Shoals Songwriting Contest -3rd place

  • 2017 & 2018  Nationwide NashNext Competition Montgomery, Alabama-State Finalist

  • Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival.

  • Druid City Songwriters Festival 

  • Mississippi Songwriters Festival

  • Ozone Songwriters Festival

  • Third Street Songwriters Festival

  • Black Warrior Songwriters Festival

  • Sandy Roots Songwriters Series

His songs have received radio airplay across the U.S. as well as in Canada and Europe. 

In addition to building his musical career, Trey has worked as a radio disc jockey for the past 10 years-currently hosting his own weekday morning show on WJDB 95.5FM. 


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